My Illustrating journey began when I was 4, I saw a marker sitting on the table and my mother stepped out of the room for a minute. I saw my opportunity and began drawing on the tv set the best newsman ever. When my mother came back into the room, although she enjoyed my doodles, she did not enjoy the fact that it was permanent marker. This was the beginning of MarkerDoodle!


I began drawing from that point on and haven’t looked back since. I have had dyslexia and while growing up drawing, had always helped me feel a sense of accomplishment and help me overcome my disability. In reaching my adult years I knew my passion would always become my career. In my early 20’s I started out as a caricature artist at Universal Studios which allowed me to hone my craft. In my personal time I was creating 50 fully illustrated books that pushed me even further.  This is when computers and graphic design stepped in and reengineered the entire industry. I was able to incorporate this in my work, causing it to be more polished, and giving me a better understanding of composition, scale, color and design theory. This played an intricate role in my creative work and elevated me to another level.


I went to Platt College for Graphic Design and graduated in 2002 at the top of my class with honors. Upon completion I gave more focus to my Graphic Designing. I worked at various companies all while freelancing on the side until I realized that Illustrating was more what drove my heart. So, in 2007 I went mostly freelance in order to follow my childhood passion.  


In my 25 years of creating I have generated a vast portfolio of artwork spanning Logos, Storyboards, Film Editing, Technical Illustration, Package Designing and Children’s Books. With Children’s Books being what I am most passionate about. I have worked on many different children’s books to date and have won numerous awards. Feel free to check out the list under the PUBLISHED BOOKS tab! My current endeavors include a Children’s Book series illustrated AND written by myself, as well as the many projects I’m currently undertaking for my clients.


I was born and raised in Burbank, CA. In 2017, I moved to Columbus, Ohio. In my personal time I enjoy cooking, traveling and learning about my new state of Ohio.

-Mark Wilson

My first Book signing at Barnes and Noble for the release of The Do's and Don'ts.
Readers Favorite Award for Illustrating The Do's and Don'ts